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Cyber-Tech, Inc.'s line of industrial pushbutton switch assemblies are made from rugged die cast aluminum and incorporate the industry standard 15/32-32 threaded bushing. 120vAC and 30vDC pushbuttons are available in either 5 or 10amps packages. CTI DC pushbutton configurations are supplied with built in arc suppressers to help insure long life cycles. Cyber-Tech, Inc. also stocks a vast selection of standard and specialty pushbutton switches. 


- Many contact options are available.
- Hall effect Pro switches.
- 5 and 10 amp pushbuttons options.
- 30vDC and 120vAC configurations.
- Rugged die cast CTI switches.
- 15/32-32 threaded bushing standard.
- Up to a 10,000,000+ life cycle expectancy.
- Pre-wired switches options available.
- toughest Switch in the industry.
- Specialty switches (call for inquiries).
- IP switch rating consult factory.
- Optional Mil Spec Switches