Pushbutton, CTI SPDTmom (DC)

DC Momentary Pushbutton
DC Momentary Pushbutton

Pushbutton, CTI SPDTmom (DC)



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General Description: CTI Pushbutton, SPDT (MOM) DC
Part Number: 32-P-A92231-01

Series: CTI, Pushbutton
Circuit: SPDT
Switch Function: Momentary (MOM)
Termination Style: Solder Lug  

Electrical Rating: Up to 30VDC , 5A*
Recommended Max:
0-15VDC, 5A
15-30VDC, 3A

Mounting Type: Panel Mount, Rear
Bushing: 15/32-32
Panel Cutout Dim: 15/32" to 1/2"
Ingress Protection: 51 (without sealing boot)

Additional Features: Integrated Diode

Seal Options:
Pushbutton Seal Caps
Pushbutton Seal Boots