The Handy-Grip® Team will build any Cyber-Tech product of your choice that you can evaluate in your facility, for 60 Days, on your piece of equipment, without any obligation to purchase anything.

All you need to do is call us and tell us which model handle or joystick you want to evaluate. We will assist you in selecting the features and define the wiring of the product to make sure it meets your requirements.

Existing customers with credit terms can issue a Purchase Order with 60 day terms, so we can track the unit, and we will build the handle or joystick exactly the way you want it. The unit will be shipped completely assembled, wired and 100% tested per your requirements, ready for you to install on your own equipment and put it to the real test.

New Customers must supply a credit card for billing if product is not returned after the 60 day terms.

After the 60 day evaluation period, you can either purchase the unit or return it to us per the following conditions and receive 100% credit.

Conditions of returning unit for 100% credit.

Call Cyber-Tech customer service for a RMA number within the evaluation period, so we can make sure you receive prompt credit.

  1. Return the unit in reasonably good condition, with all the parts supplied to you.
  2. Return the unit to Cyber-Tech, Inc. with the RMA# on the outside of the package.
  3. This information is necessary to process your request for credit promptly

Call the "Handy-Grip® Team" 1-800-621-8754 today and put us to the test.