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Our sales team has developed an extensive background in electrical and mechanical design combined with two decades of sales; Cyber-Tech, Inc. has the expertise and knowledge that is demanded in today's business.
For price comparisons, price quotes, technical support, and drawing breakdowns, please call, e-mail or fax.

Toll Free #1.800.621.8754
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To check account status, purchase orders, or to request credit application. 
Documentation and general information is available upon request.

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Cyber-Tech, Inc. offers complete quality control solutions at very reasonable prices for small and large equipment 
manufactures and users. The unique design of the Cyber-Tech Inc. line of standard products can be easily and quickly 
changed and/or customized to meet your exact requirements. For further information, please contact engineering.

Phone # 503.620.2285 Ext. 113

Prototypes Technical Support

Over the past few years, there has been a growing demand for unique controls. Cyber-Tech, Inc. offers a rapid prototyping service to larger volume orders. In many instances, Cyber-Tech, Inc. will make these products proprietary to the customer.

Circuit Card Design

Custom designs, and prototypes for 2 to 6 Layer circuit board.

Art Department

Cyber-Tech, Inc. offers only the best quality Lexan overlays available. "click here to see Customer Examples"

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Order Status

Our industrial grade controllers are custom made to your specifications. Once an order is placed, We begin production of your industrial grade control.

Required Information: Purchase Order #:

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Jobs At Cyber-Tech, Inc.

To be considered for a position, please submit your resume electronically. 
This process enables Cyber-Tech, Inc. to quickly and efficiently match your skills and experience with open positions.

General Comments 

We are constantly striving to improve our products and welcomes your suggestions. 
We look forward to providing you with the best customer service and best quality industrial grade products 
available on the market. 

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Beaverton is nestled between the vibrant city of Portland and the farm fields of western Washington County. The city offers a strong business environment and the attractions of a large metropolitan area, but still has a home-town feel. Its business core is growing and its urban population is increasingly diverse. 

Beaverton lies seven miles west of downtown Portland in the heart of the Silicon Forest, the economic lifeblood of the region. Some 300 high tech companies are located there. It is the fifth largest city in the state and the second largest suburb in the metro area.