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Replaced with the JS-H100

    The Cyber-Tech, Inc. JS Series electronic joystick is a tough highly reliable operator input device designed to control mobile machine work functions. The hall effect joystick is available in a single axis spring-return-to-center and dual axis spring-return-to-center configurations. Both versions are available with a plain knob or control grip that fits your requirements. The JS Series design uses non-contact Hall sensor technology to detect and transmit handle position. Two programmable, temperature-compensated Hall sensors are mounted 90 from one another at the equator of a magnetized ball located at the base of the handle. JS Series joysticks are designed to function in control systems as a signal level device. A regulated 5Vdc supply input yields a 0.5 to 4.5Vdc signal output. 


- Non-contact, Hall sensors.
- Rugged design, Die cast metal frame.
- Infinite resolution.
- Single and dual axis models.
- Compact footprint/profile.
- Lab tested to 15 million cycles.
- Linear output over entire joystick.
- EMI/RFI protected.