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  The JS-H100 industrial joystick base utilizes sealed Non-contacting Hall effect sensors and an all metal body design. This small and ruggedized joystick is ideally suited for tight clearances in compact control panels and armrests. Resistant to vibration, shock, and extremes of temperatures typically found in mobile machine environments the JS-H100 joystick offers maintenance free reliable long term use. 

Optional USB and CAN Bus (J1939) outputs

- Non-contacting Hall Effect
    Sensing Technology
- Three Electrical Output Options
    0.5-2.5-4.5 vDC (10%-50%-90%) (nominal)
    1.0-2.5-4.0 vDC (20%-50%-80%)
    0.0-2.5-5.0 vDC (0%-50%-100%)
- Guided X,Y & 45degs Axis Detents
- 1/2 NPT Mounting Thread (STD)
- All Metal Body Construction
- 1 Center Spring
- Custom military joystick configuration available.  
- Military grade Joystick.
- Multiple Grip Options.