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Cyber-Tech, Inc.'s JS-2050-HD Series joystick is a high-quality, highly reliable, low cost industrial Joystick. The small, rugged design yields flawless operation with only one moving part. The joystick's unique center-return feature guarantees smooth and accurate switching contact. The JS-2050-HD is built to adapt to all handles. 

Optional USB and CAN Bus (J1939) outputs

- Protective boot seal.
- 1/2 NPT Mounting thread (STD).
- Optional boot available.
- 12ga Steel Drop mounting plate.
- 1 Center spring.
- Spring adjustment nut.
- Fast & easy switch replacement.
- Protective seals.
- 6lbs (96 oz) @ contact (On X/Y Axis).
- 8.48lbs (135.68 oz) @ contact (On 45° Axis).
- Custom military joystick configuration available.  
- Tactical grade Joystick. 
- Multiple Grip Options.