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The Model EG-930-RB Ergo-Grip® is a small, low cost quality palm grip that was designed specifically to solve a problem one of our customers had. They wanted to reduce the operator fatigue and the potential for injury on a high volume production machine that required the operator to perform a high rate of repetitive operations. The EG-930-RB Ergo-Grip® eliminates most of the wrist action experienced with standard lever type controls. By mounting the EG-930-RB directly to the stem of the hydraulic control valve very little force is required and the operator found he had precise control of the machine.

The EG-93O-RB can incorporate up to two of our long-life (10,000,000 Cycle) soft-touch finger-operated pushbuttons with a right or left thumb-operated trigger switch. The customer found that the low profile design of the EG-93 was very easy to operate. During machine operation the operator's hand and arm move with the natural motion of the arm thereby eliminating most of the wrist action. 

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- Easily customization.
- Thumb-operated trigger.
- Ergonomic shaped palm grip.
- Right or left hand operation.
- Rugged single piece grip.
- Lifetime guarantee on the grip housing.
- Removable faceplate for easy maintenance.
- Mounts directly to hydraulic valves and joysticks. 
- STD Mounting Thread 3/8-16
- Closure NEMA compliant.
- Custom military grip configurations available.
- Custom military paint consult factory. 
- IP rating consult factory.