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The Model 8601-RB Handy-Grip ® is a rugged, industrial control that's built with the capability of incorporating a multitude of control functions for the most demanding equipment. We can supply ten thumb-operated functions with three finger-operated triggers. Or a combination of pushbuttons, rockers, toggles and indicator lamps can be supplied. Give us a call so we can meet your exact equipment requirement. 


- Rugged single piece grip.
- Lifetime guarantee on the grip..
- Custom Lettering & Logos.
- E-stop switch (available).
- Finger-operated single, Dual or Triple triggers.
- Weight 0.83 LBS (393 Grams).
- Designed for right and left hand operation.
- Switch location 18° from vertical.
- Removable faceplate for easy maintenance
- Closure NEMA compliant.
- Custom military grip configurations available.
- Custom military paint consult factory. 
- IP rating consult factory.